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You’ll Probably ‘Bulk Up’ Like This Client…

A while ago I was sat having my morning cuppa and was joined by one of the other trainers at my gym.

We ended up chatting about his next client and how he’s been having to sneak resistance exercise into her program, because she was adamant that she didn’t want to bulk up and how she knew that she would if she lifted weights etc.

So they’ve been doing high intensity cardio stuff but he’s also been adding in some bodyweight resistance stuff as well here and there. She has no idea that she’s actually doing a similar thing to what the weights would be doing, and so she gets on with it.

She’s been doing that for a couple of months now and strangely she doesn’t look like Arnie yet…

Weird huh?!

What has happened is she’s gotten stronger AND lost some body fat.


Are you scared of building too much muscle and starting to bulk up  into some kind of She-Hulk?

Don’t want to lift weights because you’re worried as soon as you do, the sleeves on your top will rip as you put it on?

Hormonally, us fellas are in a much better position than you ladies to build muscle, since (among other things) we’ve naturally got much more testosterone (which is a key muscle builder…).

Now go and ask your husband/boyfriend/brother/son/male friends how easy it is to build muscle…

No really…

Go on…

I can wait…


Chances are you probably got something along the lines of: “It’s f*@#ing hard!!!”.

If it was easy, we’d all be muscle-bound giants.

So if you’re worried about getting “too bulky”, remember, unless you are a genetic extreme (trust me, you probably aren’t), it’s nigh on impossible…

What you WILL get is increased ability to burn fat; increased ability to pick things up/carry things around/throw them all over; and increased confidence that you are, in fact, a total badass!


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