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Work This Out and Cut Your Calories in Half

I love biscuits.

Oh man, do I love biscuits!!

I’m eating a biscuit as I’m writing this… (‘Rich Tea’ if you’re interested).

But I recently had an email where someone asked me: “What should I use as a substitute for crap foods like crisps, biscuits and chocolates?”, so here’s what I told them.


Firstly, it’s important to understand that no food is inherently “good”, “bad” or “crap”.

(Well…some are just plain disgusting. Like runny egg…🤢)

What I want to do every time I see it…

They just move up and down on a scale of “Foods you should probably eat more often”, and “Foods you should probably eat less often” (I’ll go into that another time).

If you’re trying to find substitutes for foods that sit towards the “eat less often” end of the scale, then the first thing to do is work out what that does for you, and why you like/crave it so much.

And it’s not always just about flavour.


Yeah, I like sweet things. But that’s not why I’ll chomp through an entire pack of biscuits if I’m left unattended… (I’m not playing… don’t leave your biscuits round me…😳)

Live footage of me this afternoon..

The thing I enjoy most is the crunch!

That’s why I’d rather have a plain old ‘Rich Tea’ than a more sweeter, flapjack style cookie, even if the flavour is much better.

If there’s no crunch, it just ain’t the same.

So, if I’m on the hunt for a substitute for biscuits, finding something crunchy should be my number one priority (in fact, ‘Rich Tea’ biscuits are already a substitute for me. ‘Chocolate HobNobs’ are my fave but they have double the calories so switching those is an easy win. I’ll still have them sometimes, just not all the time).

If you can still give yourself the satisfaction, while moving a little further up the scale towards “foods you should eat more often” then you’re much more likely to have long-term success.

Helping you find alternatives, without reducing your overall food intake, is part of what we do together in our core programs so if you need help with this and want to discuss it a bit further, just message me HERE.

Right, I need to find someone to take the rest of these biscuits away from me.

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