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What is the best healthy diet for weight loss?



Juice cleanse…?!?!

It’s the typical weight loss dilemma; there are so many options out there, but which is the best?

And fastest, of course! Everybody want to go faster!

And everywhere you turn, there’s a new trend, a groundbreaking study, or a news story pushing one approach over another (Lately it’s been the “Zoe” nutrition plan…).

Steven Bartlett and Davina McCall are EVERYWHERE!

Keto enthusiasts swear by low-carb, high-fat regimens, while IF evangelists will tout its benefits. The vegans will slap a steak out your mouth, while the Paleo crew will scoop it up and stuff it back in.

With so many options clamouring for attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, below, we’re going to briefly cover a few common diets, and what you should look for in a nutrition plan.

What is the best healthy diet for weight loss?

I’m not going to bury the lead. Here’s the thing:

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that question (although my response is almost always: “It depends…”).

I know… I know… that seems like a cop out, but what works wonders for one person might be a total flop for another.

We all have different tastes; lifestyles; budgets; goals; time constraints; physiological responses; genetics; I could go on and on…

When you factor all that in, a generic diet recommendation might work wonders for me… but be total crap for you…

With that being said, let’s break it down a bit based on a few typical diets.


  •  – Calorie “Restriction: This is pretty much the first stop for weight loss for most. People massively reduce their calorie intake to get quick the quickest results possible. And while it’s true you need to be in an overall calorie deficit to lose weight, any massive calorie reduction or restriction is never sustainable. Therefore any weight loss gained as a result is generally unsustainable too.
  • – Keto: If you’re looking for quick results, keto can deliver. But be warned, it’s not the easiest to stick with long-term. Plus, there is a pretty grim early period as your body gets used to the reduction in carbs. I very rarely recommend this, as cutting out whole food groups like carbohydrates is rarely a good idea for most people.
  • – Paleo: It’s all about whole foods, which is a tick in the box. But it can be a bit restrictive, so you’ve gotta be committed, which again might last in the short term, but maybe not over the long haul.
  • – Intermittent Fasting: Linked to some great improvements in health, and can also lead to weight loss. However dealing with hunger during the fasting periods can be a challenge. And the timings can disrupt regular eating patterns and meal times with family/friends.
  • – Vegetarian/Vegan: You can totally lose weight with this type of nutritional approach, but you’ve gotta be smart about where you’re getting your nutrients from as it’s easy to become deficient in some (particularly protein, which is key for maintaining lean body mass, and helping you feel satisfied). It can take a bit of planning to make sure you’re covered.


What’s the best healthy diet for weight loss? Well the “boring” answer is that the most effective approach is:

  • – a balanced diet that fits your culture/lifestyle/preferred way of eating etc.
  • – getting some kind of clarity on how much you currently eat, and reducing it by the smallest amount possible to get you into a calorie deficit.

There are other pieces to the puzzle (like exercise; hydration; recovery; etc) but at it’s most fundamental, the best healthy diet for weight loss will tick those two boxes.

It will be the one that doesn’t force you to completely overhaul how you eat, or force you to completely cut out any enjoyment.

It will be the one that doesn’t needlessly cut your calories crazy low, just for the sake of it.

That way you’re not constantly fighting against your diet, and can eat that way continuously…


There’s no diet that will work for everyone, all of the time. The best healthy diet for weight loss is the one that you can stick to.

  • – Have you tried any of the diets I mentioned?
  • – Is there a particular diet you’ve been considering and want me to go into a bit more?
  • – What’s your biggest struggle when you try to diet?
  • – Was this an annoying answer to the original question, and you wish I’d just picked one for you?


Got a question about how to set up your diet; how much weight loss you should expect; or anything else related to your exercise or nutrition? You can ask that in the comments too…

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