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What is the best healthy diet for weight loss?

Vegan…? Paleo…?! Juice cleanse…?!?! It’s the typical weight loss dilemma; there are so many options out there, but which is the best? And fastest, of course! Everybody want to go faster! And everywhere you turn, there’s a new trend, a groundbreaking study, or a news story pushing one approach over another (Lately it’s been the […]

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4 Holiday Eating Tips to Maintain Your Progress While You’re Away

You’ve been waiting for this holiday for ages! The destination’s been set; the time’s been booked off; you’ve set the itinerary. You’re good to go! But you’ve just remembered the last time you went on holiday… It’s easy on holiday to completely overindulge, and while it feels good at the time, it can soon lead […]

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What to eat for a snack when trying to stay in shape in your 30s

Let’s face it, snacking has gotten a bad rep in the world of nutrition, especially when it comes to fat loss. It’s usually one of the most ticked boxes on my client intake questionnaire: “What’s your biggest nutrition challenge?: Snacking when not hungry/Mindless snacking” *Tick!* Here’s the thing – eating snacks in and of itself […]

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Work This Out and Cut Your Calories in Half

I love biscuits. Oh man, do I love biscuits!! I’m eating a biscuit as I’m writing this… (‘Rich Tea’ if you’re interested). But I recently had an email where someone asked me: “What should I use as a substitute for crap foods like crisps, biscuits and chocolates?”, so here’s what I told them. THE GOOD, […]

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Here’s Why You SHOULD Eat That Chocolate Bar…

Ever feel guilty after you eat something “bad”…? Maybe you ate a bar (or three) of chocolate. Or was it that jumbo bag of doritos that you hoovered down? Or the cake that was just crying out for you to eat it.. Whatever it was, you probably felt a bit guilty, embarrassed, and annoyed at […]

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How to Stop Stressing About What the Scales Say

People tend to have a funny relationship with the weighing scales. In many households it can represent the monster under the bed (or in the closet; or in the bathroom; or wherever you keep yours…). So many of my clients (especially the women) used to see the scales as something that only ever delivers bad […]

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