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What to eat for a snack when trying to stay in shape in your 30s

Let’s face it, snacking has gotten a bad rep in the world of nutrition, especially when it comes to fat loss. It’s usually one of the most ticked boxes on my client intake questionnaire: “What’s your biggest nutrition challenge?: Snacking when not hungry/Mindless snacking” *Tick!* Here’s the thing – eating snacks in and of itself […]

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Work This Out and Cut Your Calories in Half

I love biscuits. Oh man, do I love biscuits!! I’m eating a biscuit as I’m writing this… (‘Rich Tea’ if you’re interested). But I recently had an email where someone asked me: “What should I use as a substitute for crap foods like crisps, biscuits and chocolates?”, so here’s what I told them. THE GOOD, […]

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