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3 Workout Strategies to Avoid Missing Training

We’ve all been there. You’re all set for a BIG week of exercise, and then WHAM! Your kid gets sick. Or you have to work late. ​ It’s like the world is just putting speed bump, after speed bump in your path (you can take that literally here in Bristol; they’re everywhere.) So how do […]

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How to maintain a fitness routine in your 30s

Sticking to an exercise routine can sometimes feel like a juggling act in a circus you never signed up for (like the Geek in Bradley Cooper’s Nightmare Alley ). Whether it’s your kids or your work, keeping on top of things can be tough, and inserting exercise into that can seem like a daunting challenge. […]

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How to Find Weight Loss Motivation – 6 Easy Tips

So you want to tone up and get your confidence back, but you don’t know how to find weight loss motivation? via GIPHY If that’s the case here are 6 ways to get motivated, that will have you buzzing to start working towards your goals again… 1. REMIND YOURSELF WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT […]

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Here’s Why You SHOULD Eat That Chocolate Bar…

Ever feel guilty after you eat something “bad”…? Maybe you ate a bar (or three) of chocolate. Or was it that jumbo bag of doritos that you hoovered down? Or the cake that was just crying out for you to eat it.. Whatever it was, you probably felt a bit guilty, embarrassed, and annoyed at […]

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The Big Mistake Stopping Your Results

Checkout this screen shot of my browser from earlier today… Ignore what’s on that particular page, but look at the tabs at the top of the screen. There are 20 in total… I have lots of different things I need to do as part of my job, outside of just the training sessions I have […]

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“Have you done your exercises?”

I was chatting to one of my clients yesterday about her injured neck and shoulder. She’s been struggling with a lot of pain, and went to the physio a few weeks ago, who gave her some exercises to do to hopefully alleviate the pain. Well, it’s 3 weeks later and the pain is still there […]

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