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Work This Out and Cut Your Calories in Half

I love biscuits. Oh man, do I love biscuits!! I’m eating a biscuit as I’m writing this… (‘Rich Tea’ if you’re interested). But I recently had an email where someone asked me: “What should I use as a substitute for crap foods like crisps, biscuits and chocolates?”, so here’s what I told them. THE GOOD, […]

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Here’s Why You SHOULD Eat That Chocolate Bar…

Ever feel guilty after you eat something “bad”…? Maybe you ate a bar (or three) of chocolate. Or was it that jumbo bag of doritos that you hoovered down? Or the cake that was just crying out for you to eat it.. Whatever it was, you probably felt a bit guilty, embarrassed, and annoyed at […]

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How Hot Chocolate Can Halt Your Weight Loss

Sooooo… I had a client come in who was a bit frustrated about her lack of progress. She was counting down to a trip away, and wanted to lose a few pounds before she hit the beach… But over the previous couple of months she hadn’t managed to shift any. I knew she was training […]

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