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How to adapt your exercises when the gym is busy

At certain times of day the gym can feel a bit mad. You look around and every bit of kit seems to be taken. First thing in the morning, and the after work evening rush, can be carnage, and that ramps up even more at certain times of year. Post-Christmas, there’s a wave of enthusiasm […]

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How to switch up your workout routine, without changing all the exercises

Are you starting to feel like your workout routine is more of a chore than a challenge? It’s a common feeling, especially when you’ve been following the same program for a while. That feeling when you see what’s on the list for today, want to go sit in the sauna instead. In that case, it’s […]

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How to maintain a fitness routine in your 30s

Sticking to an exercise routine can sometimes feel like a juggling act in a circus you never signed up for (like the Geek in Bradley Cooper’s Nightmare Alley ). Whether it’s your kids or your work, keeping on top of things can be tough, and inserting exercise into that can seem like a daunting challenge. […]

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“Have you done your exercises?”

I was chatting to one of my clients yesterday about her injured neck and shoulder. She’s been struggling with a lot of pain, and went to the physio a few weeks ago, who gave her some exercises to do to hopefully alleviate the pain. Well, it’s 3 weeks later and the pain is still there […]

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