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How to Find Weight Loss Motivation – 6 Easy Tips

So you want to tone up and get your confidence back, but you don’t know how to find weight loss motivation? via GIPHY If that’s the case here are 6 ways to get motivated, that will have you buzzing to start working towards your goals again… 1. REMIND YOURSELF WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT […]

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You’ll Probably ‘Bulk Up’ Like This Client…

A while ago I was sat having my morning cuppa and was joined by one of the other trainers at my gym. We ended up chatting about his next client and how he’s been having to sneak resistance exercise into her program, because she was adamant that she didn’t want to bulk up and how […]

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Stuck Scale Syndrome – Are You A Sufferer?

Stuck scale syndrome is something you may have come across yourself or see happen to a friend when they’re trying to lose weight/tone up. Here’s a little scenario that happened a while back with one of my clients… — First client of the day: 6:30am – “It’s not shifting. This weight. It’s not shifting. It’s […]

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Stop! You’re losing too much weight!

There are lots of different reasons why you might want to lose weight. Most of the time, my clients want to develop a fitter, healthier body, that not only gives them more confidence, but also allows them to do more of the things in their lives that they might be missing out on. But sometimes, […]

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How to Stop Stressing About What the Scales Say

People tend to have a funny relationship with the weighing scales. In many households it can represent the monster under the bed (or in the closet; or in the bathroom; or wherever you keep yours…). So many of my clients (especially the women) used to see the scales as something that only ever delivers bad […]

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