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Do you need to get fit before you hire a personal trainer?

I had a new client (let’s call him “Roger”) come through for a trial session a while back. Here are some things to let you know about Roger: – He was a great guy; we got on well. – He hit the session with lots of energy, and did really well. – He clearly had […]

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How to adapt your exercises when the gym is busy

At certain times of day the gym can feel a bit mad. You look around and every bit of kit seems to be taken. First thing in the morning, and the after work evening rush, can be carnage, and that ramps up even more at certain times of year. Post-Christmas, there’s a wave of enthusiasm […]

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How to maintain a fitness routine in your 30s

Sticking to an exercise routine can sometimes feel like a juggling act in a circus you never signed up for (like the Geek in Bradley Cooper’s Nightmare Alley ). Whether it’s your kids or your work, keeping on top of things can be tough, and inserting exercise into that can seem like a daunting challenge. […]

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Beginners Guide: Lifting Straps

THE TALE OF THE RUNAWAY DUMBBELL Picture this: You’re in the gym, doing step-ups, feeling the burn and loving it. Then, something changes, and this pain starts radiating down your forearm. You try to ignore it and keep going. But then you start to sweat, as you feel each finger start to lose contact with […]

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Beginner’s Guide: Dumbbells

The dumbbell is one of the most known and easily recognisable bits of kit in the gym, and was probably the first bit of gym equipment I ever used (not that I knew what I was doing with it…). But if you’ve never used a dumbbell before… like me when I started, you might have […]

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