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Stuck Scale Syndrome – Are You A Sufferer?

Stuck scale syndrome is something you may have come across yourself or see happen to a friend when they’re trying to lose weight/tone up.

Here’s a little scenario that happened a while back with one of my clients…

First client of the day:

6:30am – “It’s not shifting. This weight. It’s not shifting. It’s driving me crazy.”

6:31am – “I’m eating well and I’m training loads. Why won’t the scales move?!”

6:32am – “Maybe I should just stop getting on them.”

6:38am – “To be fair, I’m back down to the weight I was before my holiday but it’s just not going any further..”

6:45am – “I am starting to see some definition in my legs which is great.”

6:47am – “My arms are starting to tone up. I can definitely see in the mirror that my shoulders look nicer.”

6:48am – “My stomach’s a bit flatter too…”

Okay, so the times are just estimates, and I’m paraphrasing what she said, but the general sentiment is true.

This client came in that morning stressed and frustrated by the lack of movement in the numbers on the scale (even though her weight had dropped since her holiday at the back end of May).

But then, without any prompting from me, she started mentioning all these areas of her body where she was visibly seeing change.

Her body was starting to look more like how she wants it to.

I pointed this out and it was as if the words she’d said just before had been spoken by someone else…

She surprised herself.

I always recommend you take your weight regularly (Here’s why!)

But in isolation your weight is pretty rubbish as an indicator of success. And that’s how you end up with Stuck Scale Syndrome (at this point I should say that this is not a real thing, but just a name I gave to this phenomenon…). They focus, solely on weight and nothing else.

Two people can weigh exactly the same and look vastly different…

One pound of muscle takes up a lot less space on your body than one pound of fat, so whilst they weigh the same, a more muscular person at 160lb person will appear smaller, than a 160lb person carrying more fat.

So instead, use a range of indicators:

  • scale weight
  • tape measurements
  • how you look in the mirror
  • progress photos
  • how your clothes fit

All this data collectively will give you a great picture of whether you’re moving forward or ACTUALLY stuck. In which case you can make adjustments accordingly…


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