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My Recommendations

Here is a list of my recommended items that I think you’d find useful during my coaching programs, or just to make your life a little easier in general.

In most cases, I’ve provided a link to an example of what I’m talking about; it might not be the exact item I use. But I’ll have used a different version of it in some way. If I’ve used it directly, I’ll let you know, and why I like my version.

There’s a quick list at the top, but if you want a little detail as to why they’re useful, then scroll further down.

[N.B: These are affiliate links, meaning I will get a small percentage of the sale if you choose to buy any of the products. I’ve chosen the products in each link based on their price (obviously the lower the better) and their ratings (4 star at the very least, with a high number of reviews). But all I’m really fussed about is you get the items you need, so feel free to search for other versions on Amazon yourself  if you don’t like the one I’ve suggested. The product price may change—or they might no longer be sold—from the time I publish this, so it’s a good idea to have a little shop around anyway.

I’d also recommend asking around locally, or looking on your local selling groups to see if anyone is selling some. It might be a cheaper alternative to buying brand new.]

Short List

  1. ===> 5kg Dumbbell
  2. ===> 10kg Dumbbell
  3. ===> 15kg Dumbbell
  4. ===> 17.5kg Dumbbell
  5. ===> Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell – space saving dumbbell solution.
  6. ===> Multi-purpose Stackable Resistance Bands – portable, adaptable and can be used for pretty much any exercise.
  7. ===> Looped Resistance Bands – Great for adding assistance to exercises, among other things.
  8. ===> Foam Roller – aid recovery, and help to improve your muscle quality and movement.
  9. ===> Lifting Straps – save your grip and stop your forearms burning; target the muscles you’re actually trying to work.
  10. ===> Barbell Pad with Hook and Loop Straps – Protect your hips for Barbell Hip Thrusts.
  11. ===> The Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer My go-to recipe book. Easy to follow, quick to prepare, one pot to cook.
  12. ===> The Roasting Tin (Around The World) – Rukmini Iyer – Same as above but with some worldwide flavours.
  13. ===> The Green Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer – Vegan or Veggie? Rukmini’s got you covered—I don’t actually have this one, but I’m sure it’s recipes are just as good.
  14. ===> The Quick Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer – Some of the recipes in the other books are quick to prepare, but take a while in the oven. Not in this book…
  15. ===> Magnetic Phone Mount – Useful for when you want your coach to check your technique.


More than one dumbbell is probably a good idea so that you can mix and match for different exercises, and progress once you get stronger (which you will…).

For most men*, I recommend getting these three weights:

===> 10kg Dumbbell

===> 15kg Dumbbell

===> 17.5kg Dumbbell

For most women*, I recommend getting these three:

===> 5kg Dumbbell

===> 10kg Dumbbell

===> 15kg Dumbbell

*The differences in weight suggested above are purely based on average body size difference between the sexes and are a starting point. Of course, the weight you can handle might be different, so just use these as a baseline, and you can adjust as you get stronger.

If you really want to push the boat out and have the most flexible option possible, then there are adjustable dumbbells which can give you a full range of  weights. The one linked below can give you the full range of 2kg through to 24kg (15 weights in one). This is obviously great for saving space (like I mentioned earlier), but more importantly gives you the greatest versatility in terms of weight:

===> Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell

Resistance Bands

A set of resistance bands is useful for a couple of reasons.

  1. They can provide resistance in lots of different ways, via an anchor point somewhere, or just on their own.
  2. They are a lot more portable than dumbbells so if you find yourself travelling, or in a hotel, you can easily take them with you. Or just take them to the park for a change of scenery.

So here is a set that work well as they are stackable, to create lots of varying resistances for different exercises.

===> Multi-purpose Stackable Resistance Bands

I use these myself and they are really useful…

Whilst I recommend the stackable bands if you’re tight on budget, if you’ve got some extra cash to put towards them then a set of looped resistance bands are also a handy bit of kit to have in your gym bag or in your home gym.

Rather than using them for adding resistance to exercises (the ones above are better for that), I usually use them for adding assistance to exercises (assisted pull ups/assisted press ups/etc). But you can use them for lots of other stuff too…

===> Looped Resistance Bands

Foam Roller

A little add on here…

A foam roller is a great way to aid recovery, and help to improve your muscle quality and movement. Having one at home that you can jump on after your training sessions is ideal.

You don’t need anything fancy here. Something like this one will do:

===> Foam Roller

Lifting Straps

Grip strength is key when you’re training. You need to be able to grip the barbell for a deadlift, or cling onto some dumbbells during lunges, for instance. But sometimes your grip gives out before the target muscles do.

A good set of lifting straps will help you with that, and take the stress off your forearms—plus I’ve had my set for nearly a decade, so they’re a worthwhile investment.

Again, you don’t need anything special. These or ones like them will be fine:

===> Lifting Straps

Barbell Pad

This comes in particularly handy for Barbell Hip Thrusts as the bar can be really uncomfortable on your hips.

Whack one of these on the bar and suddenly the weight feels a whole lot lighter…

===> Barbell Pad with Hook and Loop Straps

Recipe Books

When you’re taking a little more care with what you eat, it helps to have some awesome recipes ready to go.

The main thing to think about here is flavour. Eating boring lifeless salads is not what we’re about, especially if you want to keep this up long term.

The first two books below are the ones I use on a daily basis, and they provide quick, easy meals that you can throw in one pan, into the oven and that’s job done.

Remember, you can always adjust the ingredients if necessary to fit better with your preferences, calorie and macro aims, etc.

  1. ===> The Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer
  2. ===> The Roasting Tin (Around The World) – Rukmini Iyer
  3. ===> The Green Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer
  4. ===> The Quick Roasting Tin – Rukmini Iyer

Magnetic Phone Mount

From time to time I might ask you to show me your technique for particular exercises, and this can pose problems in terms of setting up your phone camera.

You can just attach this item to any metal surface—something you’re never short of in a gym—and record all your beautifully executed sets and reps.

===> Magnetic Phone Mount