Can't play sport to keep in shape anymore?

Injuries or general stiffness stopping you from making progress?

Want to know how you can drop body fat and regain your fitness in your 30s?

This free Primer puts all the pieces in place so you can start seeing results.

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Can't fit sport into your busy lifestyle anymore?

Tired of "eating clean", but not getting anywhere?

Want an alternative to boring runs, or bike rides?


What we'll cover in the Post-30 Progress Primer:

  • Getting Older - If you found it easy to stay in shape when you were younger, but it seems like those days may have passed, I'll show you the REAL reason it's harder to lose extra body fat once you pass 30, and what you can do about it.

  • A Simple Nutrition Approach - We'll go through why you might still feel uncomfortable in your clothes (even if  you've been eating really well for months), and set up the initial nutrition nutrition system that you'll use to start melting body fat.

  • Training and Exercise - Forget about spending hours in the gym, or engaging in boring cardio sessions on the treadmill (you're not a hamster)! We'll go through the targeted training approach that will maximize efficiency and deliver results.

  • How Quickly You Can Drop Body Fat - We'll work out exactly what a realistic rate of progress actually is, so you can avoid quitting/starting over, and make your results last.

  • Live Coaching - As well as all the above, I'll be working with you daily to answer any questions you have, and help you apply the information to your current situation.


My name is Alvin and I've been a Fitness Coach since 2010, but I struggled with putting on excess weight after I turned 30.

I've since found a streamlined, simple approach, that helps me stay on top of my fitness and nutrition, and has allowed me to show my clients an alternative to extreme, low-calorie diets; painstaking hours of jogging; or 2 hour gym sessions.

I  want to help you drop body fat, but more importantly build confidence, not just in how your body looks, but what you can do with it…

75%, of participants surveyed, felt more confident...

...that they could reach their fitness goals, after completing the Post-30 Progress Primer.


I wanted to get fit, and I needed a kick up the arse to do it.

I feel so much happier; I feel fitter and stronger; and I love what I can do with my body.

Heidi Guest


In my time training [with Alvin] I have improved my general fitness, feel healthier and lost weight.

I'm much more confident in using the gym, particularly weights and other equipment, and I'm much more active and have developed some healthier habits.

Michael Quinn




So far I've managed to: Increase my strength, my body shape is changing & I’m achieving tone and definition like I never thought possible.

It’s quite obvious that Alvin knows exactly what he’s talking about. I don’t think I’ve asked anything that he’s been unable to answer.

Alice Mayor

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