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What Little Britain has to Teach Us About Losing Weight

“If you take a piece of cake and cut it in half, it’s only half the calories. And because it’s only half the calories, you can eat twice as much…”

I’m sure we all remember that Little Britain sketch don’t we…?

Pretty funny to be fair. But obviously, ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!

You won’t lose any body fat approaching things like that…

But what if you could eat more (not cake, just food in general…), feel less hungry and still lose weight…

This is where high nutrient density, low calorie density foods are your friend…


Put simply, foods that are high nutrient density are ones that have lots of vitamins, minerals, fibre etc in a relatively small amount.

Foods that are low calorie density are ones that have fewer calories per gram compared to other foods..

Why does that make them your friend?

Well, if you can get a lot of nutrients from a small amount of food, you don’t need to eat much for it to have a good benefit to your health.

And if a food has a small amount of calories for the amount of food you can eat, then you can fill up on that knowing that you’re not drifting over your calorie intake.

“Half the calories, so you can eat twice as much…”

Take melon or celery: 200 calories of either of these fills up a large plate…

Think how much eating that would fill you up.

Now take 200 calories of cheese, or 200 calories of chocolate.

Unless you’re a mouse, neither of these is going to leave you feeling very full (You couldn’t even have a full Mars bar for that…)

Which foods do you think will be better for your fat loss goals…?

Okay, so you probably aren’t eating a plate of celery on it’s own (and no one expects you to!), but it lends itself to being thrown into meals.

Plus there are lots of sources of lean protein, fruit and vegetables which are all high in nutrients, but low in relative calories, and it should be these that you use to fill out the majority of your nutrition efforts.

That way you’ll feel less hungry, but still lose fat…


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