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How to Find Weight Loss Motivation – 6 Easy Tips

So you want to tone up and get your confidence back, but you don’t know how to find weight loss motivation?


If that’s the case here are 6 ways to get motivated, that will have you buzzing to start working towards your goals again…


Sometimes the reason for a big drop in your get up and go is that you’ve forgotten why you even wanted to lose weight to begin with.

For many of my clients, it’s about having the confidence to wear what they want (e.g. those shorts hidden deep in the wardrobe); take part in all the things they want (e.g. the family activities they normally sit out of) and having all the strength and energy they want (to basically kick ass at life…).

Once you have that reason at the forefront of your mind again, it’ll be easy to do the next part.


If you’re constantly trying to find motivation, it’s probably because you’re hoping that when you find it,  it will help you take action. And then that action will lead to the results you want.

Unfortunately, if you keep looking at things this way round, you’ll struggle to get going.

Taking some sort of action now, even if it’s small, can lead to a positive outcome…

Once you see that positive outcome (whatever it is) your motivation will start to increase. And that will start to snowball into more and more positive results.

So pick an area you want to take action on, and then take step 3.


Once you’ve picked your action from step 2, break it down to be as easy as possible, and make it something you can do immediately.

Let’s face it, the more complicated you make it, the less likely you are to do it. I’m guessing that’s part of what’s been putting you off so far.

Plus, if you have to go out and buy a load of stuff before you get started (ingredients, equipment etc), it’s just another barrier to you getting going.

You should be 100% confident that you can execute your task for an extended period of time.

So make it something simple.

A habit like drinking an extra glass of water, or performing 10 squats each day, is an action you can do right this second…

In fact…

Go and do that now.

Either one.

I’ll wait…

Aaaaaand you’re back…

Easy as that…

Onto the next one.


This is a key tip when working out how to find weight loss motivation.

Even when people work out or remind themselves the reasons why they want to lose weight, they often still come back to one thing as their measure of success…

“Did I lose a sh*tload of weight…?”

The problem with that is that unless the scales do something drastic, you’ll feel like you’ve failed and your motivation will go.

Instead, you need to find lots of different ways to measure progress.

Once you do that, you’ll be surprised how many different ways you’re smashing it, even if the scale isn’t necessarily moving.

Once again, up goes your motivation…


Once you’ve got your simple action, and you’ve got all your different progress measures… reach out to the people around you.

Ask your friends if they want to jump in on this with you, or at the very least tell them that you’re doing it.

That simple act suddenly means someone else is waiting on you to tick off your task, and that is a pretty powerful motivator all on it’s own…

But it goes hand in hand with the next step…


Since last year I’ve hit 560 straight days of learning Spanish using the language app Duolingo.

I really want to learn another language, but that’s not what has helped me be so consistent.

It’s what got me started.

But usually what happens is, I do loads every day for a couple of weeks, and then I get bored/frustrated, and don’t touch it again for another year, and start all over again (you might feel like this with your weight loss…?).

But after doing a little bit everyday for a while I found the main thing keeping me going was that I didn’t want to mess up my streak.

Some days, I really can’t be bothered.

But I do it anyway.

Other times, as I’m falling asleep at night, I realise I haven’t done it that day, and all I want to do is shut my eyes.

But I do it anyway.

And my Spanish has improved…

Could I hop over to Madrid now, and run a whole training session in Spanish…?


But can I read, speak and understand a lot more than I did last year…?


And as I’ve steadily improved, I look forward to it more, and the days I’m looking forward to practising massively outweigh the ones where I’m not feeling it.

You can do the same with your weight loss.

Once you get going with your small task, record how many days you’ve checked in and done it.

You’ll want to keep your hot streak alive, especially if someone else is in on it with you…

And once things start to go in the right direction, it will get easier and easier to execute your habits.

So there you have it…

6 tips on how to find weight loss motivation that you can implement right now!!


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