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“Have you done your exercises?”

I was chatting to one of my clients yesterday about her injured neck and shoulder.

She’s been struggling with a lot of pain, and went to the physio a few weeks ago, who gave her some exercises to do to hopefully alleviate the pain.

Well, it’s 3 weeks later and the pain is still there and she’s talking about going back to him to try and sort it out.

That’s fair enough…

If she’s still struggling, it makes sense that she should want a different solution…

But I asked her how she’d been getting on with the exercises and how often she’d been told to do them. She said she’d found them okay, and that she’d been instructed to do them every day.

“So you’ve done that and it hasn’t worked…?”

“Well, I did them for the first few days yeah… But… um… no I haven’t really done them the rest of the time….”

So you could say the exercises didn’t work to relieve her pain, but they never really had a chance to…


This is a mistake people all over the world are making right now as they try to lose weight…

They do something for a couple of days, and then decide that they can’t do it, or it’s not working, and they stop. Whatever they were trying never really gets the chance to work, or to become a habit, and there is just no consistency there.

Then they look for the next fad diet, or newest exercise to try, and do the same thing all over again…


There’s no real need for my client to go back to the physio just yet…

She just needs to consistently perform the exercises, and then see what happens.

And you can do the same with your efforts to lose weight.

You need to build up some consistency. Do things regularly for a period of time (I use two weeks with my clients) so that you can then make objective decisions about what you need to do next.

Did you lose weight…?

Did you gain weight…?

Do you feel any different…?

Has your body shape changed…?

From there you can decide what your next step is.

It’s all about having enough information to make the right choice…

If you need any help developing some staying power in your own program, then just head HERE, and together we’ll work on building consistency you never thought was possible.


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