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My name is Alvin Nurse and I’ve been a fitness coach since 2010.

In 2020 I launched Reboot Fitness Coaching, with the aim of helping people in their 30s, who are finding it harder than it used to be to get and stay in shape, to do just that.

Why? Well that story starts a little earlier.

At the end of my first year of uni, I'd put on a lot of weight. My first full year of fending for myself food-wise (plus boozing 3 or 4 times per week), had taken its toll. No surprises there!

You could see it in my end of year pics (I'll find them one day, and put them up here), that there was extra weight around my face and my belly, and I remember it really got to me at the time.

It was the most body fat I'd ever carried and I was stressing about going home for the summer and people noticing.

So I went back to my parents, nursing this fear, but not really thinking too much about what I was going to do about it.

During the summer I worked with my dad on his farm for a few weeks, and it was hard physical work.

And while I was home my mum cooked me stuff that wasn't cheesy chips washed down with a bottle of coke like I'd been getting at uni, and, surprise surprise, within that short time all the body fat came off.

I was back to my usual self within a few weeks, well before the start of the second year at uni.

That was great for me, and that would generally be the case every time I put on any extra fat during that period.

Do loads more exercise. Cut out booze for a bit.


So then fast forward 7 or 8 years and I’ve finished my degree in Sport & Exercise Science, qualified as a PT, and I’ve been doing it for a few years.

Now I’m working with people who are constantly saying to me “I’m finding it harder and harder to lose weight as I’m getting older”.

I’m hearing clients talking about “once they got past 30 it started getting tough”.

But at the time I was 24/25, so in my head I thought, “yeah right!”, and while my programs worked well with them for a bit, they often struggled to stick with that age group like it did with people my own age.

I didn't really "get it"...

So fast forward again a few more years and I’m getting to the end of my 20s and into my 30s, and slowly I start to realise what everyone’s been talking about (hence the face I'm pulling in this photo, ha!)

It was feeling harder to lose any extra fat I put on and I was noticing it creep on around my sides, and on my back and other places that I NEVER used to get it..

I’d put on shirts and instantly have to take them off coz if they fit around my belly, then my "moobs" would poke out. And if my chest looked good, I’d suddenly have a spare tire round my waist.

It would take me ages to get dressed, and I’d usually end up in all black…

That self-conscious feeling from my uni days started coming back. Because I’d been in decent shape up until then, and I was always wondering if everyone else was noticing the decline I was seeing in the mirror.

Was my girlfriend thinking about it? Were my mates laughing at it? Were my colleagues all thinking: “What happened to him?!”.

PLUS, all the things I used to do to drop weight, like spending ages in the gym, doing extra running; or doing HIIT workouts like Insanity,  they either weren’t working, or I couldn’t keep it up for very long.

So obviously, I started to think about why this was. Am I just getting old?! Is this it for me?! Am I destined to be fat in my 40s and 50s?!

As the majority of us get older we start to add weight in places it never was before and struggle to remove it.

We start to lose the fitness and the energy we had. 

And the things we used to do to stay in shape aren’t an option.

But luckily for me, that realisation that we can’t do what we used to, coincided with me finding a more sustainable approach to all of this weight loss and fitness stuff.

I learned things that simplified the way I approached my fitness and nutrition, and that of my clients.

An approach which makes it much easier for us to lose fat and feel good about how we look WITHOUT having to resort to drastic measures.

An approach that avoids extreme/fad diets; or brutal exercise plans that aren’t any fun. 


How much better would it be if you could get stronger; get rid of the “flabby bits” you’ve somehow accumulated in your 30s; and feel better about yourself, all by applying some simple changes, and by doing “just enough” to succeed?

If you're reading this, it means you want to make a change...

To break the cycle of "boom or bust" diets and the cardio slog, and become stronger, healthier and happier.

Let's cut through all the confusing nonsense that fitness marketing throws at you, and get you set up for success!

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Why click the button?

Well, over the course of the Primer we’ll aim to improve your confidence in your own ability to get in the shape you want to, and keep it off.

We’ll look at things like:

  • Getting Older - If you found it easy to stay in shape when you were younger, but it seems like those days may have passed, I'll show you the REAL reason it's harder to lose extra body fat once you pass 30, and what you can do about it.
  • What and How to Eat - We'll simplify your nutrition and show you why (even if you've been eating really well for months) you still have to change tops 3 or 4 times to find ones you're comfortable in.
  • How Quickly You Can Lose Weight - We'll work out exactly what a realistic rate of progress actually is, so you can avoid quitting/starting over, and make your results last.

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It’s improving my confidence no end...

Before working with Alvin, I was dubious about how much I would benefit from having a Personal Trainer.

I wasn’t new to exercise or healthy eating, and was fairly confident I already knew what I needed to do to lose weight.

Chatting to Alvin made me realise that I was coasting along in my current workout routine, and not necessarily making any improvements or getting stronger. He also challenged my goals, making me fully consider exactly what I wanted to achieve & how we could work together to get there.

My goals were to lose weight, feel more attractive naked, and to improve my body confidence.

So far I've managed to:

  • Increase my strength, particularly my press-up form and strength which has improved dramatically
  • Increase my confidence - my body shape is changing & I’m achieving tone and definition like I never thought possible, it’s improving my confidence no end.
  • Improve my knowledge and perception of food - carbs are no longer the enemy & ‘portion control’ doesn’t mean ‘restrictive diet’.

It’s quite obvious that Alvin knows exactly what he’s talking about. I don’t think I’ve asked anything that he’s been unable to answer.

He’s passionate, enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable. Plus he’s absolutely lovely - he kicks my butt & makes me laugh.

All in all, he’s an awesome Personal Trainer.

Alice Mayor

The support has been incredible and I would highly recommend it

Alvin made sure the changes were manageable and broke them up into bi-weekly focus points; made me focus on what I had achieved, and backed it up with facts; and put me at ease so I could confide in him.

Alvin has been amazing. The support has been incredible and I would highly recommend it. To have someone essentially be there for you every step of the way while you try to achieve these really hard goals is empowering. It is a support network that I have not been able to find before in my friends, family, medical professionals, my own personal trainer or weight loss groups that I have attended.

Sophie Whitworth

I am so much more happier and confident with my fitness and body shape!

Alvin is a super friendly, talented personal trainer. I needed his expertise as I am already an active person so I find it tough to trim/tone down.

Even though I am very active already within team sports, I still get that fitness fear that I might not be able to perform particular exercises, and I hate running!

But with Alvin's knowledge and calmness, he eases you into new exercises you've never come across, tackling areas you didn't know how to reach, knowing all the right areas to work on I found instant response from my body shape and fitness within one month!

Every time I catch up with him one to one he changes and increases my workouts gradually, pushing my efforts further without even realizing, as the exercises are always different, exciting and challenging, and keep me on my toes.

I also struggle with eating the right foods which affects my training, so Alvin helped me tackle that too.

It's hard to let go of favourite habits, but amazingly Alvin made it seem easy by gradually cancelling out certain foods and adding more goodness.

My diet is now totally changed and really can see the effect food has when it comes to training.

Using the app makes working out very flexible, to suit your timetable around work and social times of when you are free and comfortable to workout, which I found helped me to achieve my goals. It was like I had Alvin in my pocket at all times helping me keep track!

I have been with Alvin for 5 months now and am so much more happier and confident with my fitness and body shape!

Its super exciting just imagining my achievements in the next 2months even when I'm already feeling this good!

Anneka Lange

I always came away thinking 'yes I can do this'

I'm stronger; I've dropped a dress size; and my eating habits have improved massively. I'm actually thinking about food portions and what I am eating.

I really enjoyed the 12 weeks and It was the first time I had stuck to a training programme. Since being back from my holiday I have stuck to training 4-5 times a week and eating well.

I always came away thinking ' yes I can do this'. Thanks Alvin!

Hayley M

I didn't feel like he judged us at all

I didn't think the online elements would encourage me but the Facebook community was a great idea and helped me to express how I was feeling without being judged.

Alvin contributed to our support and was really positive when we spoke, I didn't feel like he judged us at all and was genuinely trying to help us.

My mind set is very different when thinking about food, I feel healthier and understand that it's the small steps that make the difference.

Faye H

It's nice not to be uncomfortable all the time

The exercise programme is great and I'm finding it easy to stick to. It is fresh so I'm feeling positive about the gym again as I did become a bit bored with it. The fact that my programme changes every 4 weeks is great as it keeps me motivated and interested, it also makes me want to complete my workouts each week as I only have the programme for 4 weeks and I enjoy it so much I feel like I don’t want to miss any sessions. The benefits I am feeling at this stage are my tummy is appearing flatter and less bloated, and I feel like I am getting stronger each week, especially in my upper body.

Completing the daily ‘food feelings’ log was very useful in the fact it has helped me to determine which foods are contributing towards my upset stomach, my stomach pains are very rare now , its nice not to be uncomfortable all the time. I'm feeling less tired and more energetic, plus I'm getting stronger each week especially in my upper body. Working with you is a pleasure Alvin

Katie Goddard

I feel much more energised

I wanted to focus on my core strength and tighten up my bum, tum, thighs and arms. It was less about weight loss and more about body tone. I have dropped a dress size. My skinny jeans either fit beautifully or are loose around my bum, thighs and waist, whereas they were tight before I started training. My upper arms are significantly more toned. I generally sleep better. I am in a better mood. I eat better and snack a lot less.

I have been training with Alvin for just over 6 months. Not only have I enjoyed every session but he has also made a significant difference to my physical and mental wellbeing. I feel much more energised, more committed to eating well and looking better! If I was training in a gym on my own, I would have given up by now but Alvin’s continuous support and encouragement have kept me focused and motivated. Thank you!

Sarah Heynen

Patience, Enthusiasm, Commitment

Whilst working with Alvin, I have reduced my body fat, developed some real muscle & worked on an amazingly varied training program. I’d highly recommend Alvin for his patience, enthusiasm, commitment and the comprehensive support he gives. In particular, I’d recommend Alvin because he promotes a fitness and diet regime which have helped me introduce sustainable changes that have greatly improved my lifestyle and my health.

Sally Hughes

Brilliant Coach!

Brilliant Coach!

I train with Alvin twice a week and he is a great motivator, is helping me achieve my goals of toning and weight loss.

I suffer from back and shoulder pain and some days are worse than others. Alvin is great at adapting the sessions to achieve the best results on my bad days.

I can see a difference in my confidence and fitness. Each session I walk away feeling good and more confident within myself.

Thanks Alvin!

Mandy Rathore

In the past 3 months I have lost just over 1 stone

As I knew Alvin well prior to working with him, I had no reservations. I felt very determined to lose weight so having Alvin to work with helped me with pushing myself.

My main goal was to lose weight and the secondary goal was to get more toned. Now that I am comfortable with my weight I will be concentrating on strength and toning up.

I think the biggest impact from Alvin's coaching has been around not concentrating on weight fluctuations so much, which he has helped me come to terms with the most.

In the past 3 months I have lost just over 1 stone, and have a better understanding of the correct form of exercises.

My thanks go to Alvin, for his support and help. It has been nice to have a goal of working out together, learning from his expertise and implementing it at home has been easy. He has been very easy to talk to, and is approachable and understanding.

He didn’t make me feel like I was being judged and there was no pressure from him towards me which was helpful in me understanding my priorities.

Nihal Ozdemir

Highly Recommended

Having worked with personal trainers in the past I didn’t enjoy the process. Often feeling like they were simply watching me exercise and not introducing anything I couldn’t have done on my own, or really listening to what I wanted to achieve.

Alvin’s approach is different in that he takes the time to listen and really understand your goals, adapting workouts to meet your own personal requirements, not just working to a generic programme.

My goals when starting to work with Alvin were to regain confidence in how I looked, increase strength and fitness levels, and at the same time lose weight in a sustainable way. And so far I've achieved:

  • Increased strength and energy levels
  • A better understanding and appreciation for muscle function
  • Weight loss
  • A better approach to eating in order to lose and maintain weight loss.

I’ve been training with Alvin now weekly, for six months and I look forward to the sessions. He’s a genuinely nice guy, very professional, knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and well-being, as well as being easy to get along with.

Louisa Bielby

Alvin is a great coach and his enthusiasm and support are amazing

My main concern before I began training with Alvin was that I would feel an idiot for not understanding how to use the gym equipment, or that I would not be able to do the exercises properly.

Alvin was extremely supportive. He took the time to carefully show me how to use the gym equipment or do the exercises, and never became impatient if I made mistakes but instead offered praise for those actions I was performing correctly.

My main reasons for hiring Alvin were to feel confident using the gym on my own and to improve my level of stamina and overall fitness. Unfortunately the last two lockdowns seriously disrupted our programme. However I definitely am confident now to use the equipment in the gym on my own and frequently attend twice per week in addition to our coaching session.

I have a better understanding of how to put together my own gym session including how to warm up and down. And I also appreciate the benefits of monitoring my diet and what I eat as well as having a variety of exercise activities ie swimming.

Alvin is a great coach and his enthusiasm and support are amazing. In particular, when I had a back problem he took great pains to ensure we could still complete a session without causing further problems by adapting the session.

Helen S

Thank you for the positive influence you have had on our family

Alvin was recommended to me by my husband so any reservations I would have usually had were quashed by the fact that my husband is VERY skeptical about such things, and would not have stayed working with Alvin, let alone recommended him to me, if he didn’t respect him and genuinely believe that he knew what he was on about!

It was clear from my initial chat with Alvin as to why Mike still sees him for his training sessions.

I was looking to get fitter/stronger and maybe lose a bit of weight.

My strength and stamina have improved and my metabolic age has decreased by 7 years in the last 6 months.

Thank you for the positive influence you have had on our family, Alvin!

Rachel Quinn

I feel so much happier

I wanted to get fit, and I needed a kick up the arse to do it. Aesthetically I wanted to be happier with how I looked, lose fat, and gain muscle, but I needed something/someone to commit to!

Alvin you are warm, and brilliant at what you do.

You have helped me become more confident with my form, pushed me and kept me safe within my limits. I see my progression through my form, and the increase in weights and reps!

I feel so much happier; I feel fitter and stronger; and I love what I can do with my body.

Heidi Guest

A Really Kind and Supportive Trainer

I was looking to get fitter and stronger, but was nervous about starting a health and fitness programme.

After the first session I realised that the exercises were totally tailored to my capabilities and there was no reason to worry.

Any concerns were met with answers or actions that put my mind at rest. For example, any concerns about injuring myself whilst exercising were addressed by teaching good form and correct posture. Any problems were headed off before they could happen.

Alvin is also a really kind and supportive trainer so any blips in my confidence were squashed by his encouragement and advice.

The biggest achievement is that my mindset has changed. I now believe that I have the potential to increase my strength beyond what I initially thought possible. I surprised myself at what was achievable - this has purely come through working with Alvin.

He is a great guy. He really knows what he is doing and I feel confident that he tailors programmes that will work for me. I can highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Kate Weldon

I really enjoy training with him

When I started working with Alvin, my goal was to tone my arms and lose a bit of weight.

I really enjoy training with him, he is very knowledgeable, fun but professional.

We discussed my goals, and with his help I worked towards them and even achieved more than I set out to achieve. I lost weight, and my arms are more defined and toned.

I do really recommend Alvin as a coach 👍🏼

Bianca Moore

Encouraging and enthusiastic without being cheesy

Before I started working with Alvin, I was concerned about training with a Peep Show style/stereotype overenthusiastic or cheesy Personal Trainer and someone who consistently tries to flog more sessions.

Alvin is very good at explaining the reasoning behind exercises and why he designs programmes as he does, he is encouraging and enthusiastic without being cheesy!

He is able to design a programme and package to fit with your goals and schedule (be that work or family).

I have never felt pressure to book more sessions and he is really flexible.

My main reasons for starting with Alvin were to improve overall fitness and lose some weight, understand better what to do when I get to the gym (beyond the usual spin or other such classes) and get an idea on what weights/equipment to use and how to use them.

In my time training I have improved my general fitness, feel healthier and lost some weight.

I'm much more confident in using the gym, particularly weights and other equipment, and I'm much more active and have developed some healthier habits.

I have got a lot from the sessions, improved skills and confidence.

Alvin is patient, good humoured and friendly and will quickly put you at ease.

Michael Quinn

I have dropped 2/3 dress sizes going from a 20/22 to a 16/18

[I was worried about] my own self confidence. I didn’t feel comfortable about getting help or advice off anyone and it made me anxious thinking about it.

[Alvin] made me feel more confident in myself and made me realise that it’s okay to receive help and advice. I no longer feel anxious about going to the gym.

My main goals when I started was to lose weight and to go down 3/4 dress sizes by summer/autumn.

I have lost exactly 13.4kg in weight which is a combination of both fat percentage loss and muscle mass gain. I have dropped 2/3 dress sizes going from a 20/22 to a 16/18. I have gained so much confidence since having PT sessions with [Alvin] and I don’t feel scared to work out anymore.

The last part to add is that I’m so glad I got my first PT sessions as a present because I would never have dreamed of doing it otherwise. It has been a brilliant experience and I’ve loved every minute despite all the complaining.

Natalie Pattinson

I enjoy all my sessions

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Alvin as a PT when I first joined the club, and I have been having weekly sessions with him for a year now.

He is always happy, smiling, professional and encouraging especially if I’m having a bad day.

His knowledge and capability are very impressive & I enjoy all my sessions with him especially the newly introduced boxing.

I have lost weight and improved fitness and would be happy to recommend Alvin to anyone.

Damian Chapman

Nothing less than impressed

Since my introduction to Alvin I have been nothing less than impressed.

Returning to exercise after over 10 years of absence was a little bit daunting, but Alvin eased my concerns with his friendly persona, insightful knowledge, and clear instruction.

Focus on my core strength and suppleness has assisted greatly with an historic issue I have with my lower back.

Now as my fitness levels increase, along with my core strength Alvin is introducing new apparatus and exercises I’ve previously not ventured into.

I look forward to my weekly sessions, and can see clear signs of improvement to my wellbeing.

James Kirby

I'm actually enjoying exercise

I am really enjoying the process and feel like its changing how I think about what I eat and drink. I enjoy the PT sessions and feel more energised. I wish I could have more than 1 session a week!

I definitely feel like I am getting stronger, able to work out for longer and put in more effort for a longer period of time instead of just giving up. I don't feel as tired or wobbly afterwards!

I’d like Alvin to keep being so encouraging 🙂

Over the past 4 weeks my achievements include:

  • lost weight
  • better mindset
  • feel better, less bloated and sluggish
  • actually enjoying exercise!
Charlotte Morris

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